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How the SEC Became the Investor’s Collection Agent | LinkedIn

The Securities and Exchange Commission has long described itself as “the investor’s advocate,” a motto coined in the late 1930s by William O. Douglas, the agency’s third chairman (and later a Supreme Court Justice). A more appropriate moniker for today’s SEC might be “the investor’s collection agent.”Belatedly slipped into this year’s1480-page, must-pass defense appropriations bill – which became law this past…

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Securities Suit Filings Declined in 2020 But Remained Above Historical Levels | The D&O Diary

The number of federal court securities class action lawsuit filings declined in 2020 relative to the most recent prior years, largely due to short-term filing lulls during the second and fourth quarters of the year. Though the number of filings last year was below the record-setting levels seen during the years 2017 to 2019, the number of 2020 filings was…

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