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NYSE firms more likely to commit financial fraud, study finds

Researchers from a trio of universities (Washington State, Pennsylvania State, and Miami) studied 250 companies involved in Securities and Exchange Commission fraud filings from 2005 to 2013, and found that Fortune 500 companies were much more likely to have cooked books. Researchers looked closely for predictors of fraud, and found four risk factors : Fortune 500 companies (four times more…

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How will Wall Street regulators handle GameStop? – The Washington Post

Any GameStop investigation will probably share similarities with those earlier Internet-era cases, according to John Stark, the first head of the SEC’s office of Internet enforcement. Many involved scam artists posting false or misleading information on websites in a bid to drive up the price of selected stocks. In the GameStop case, which has seen an army of retail investors…

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Gensler Faces Big Challenge in Tackling GameStop’s Wild Ride – The New York Times

“The S.E.C. has for years worried about hedge funds coordinating their positions and coordinating bear raids and otherwise engaging in activities to move around a stock,” said Tyler Gellasch, a former S.E.C. lawyer who heads the Healthy Markets Association, an investor group. “There are reporting requirements around that. But we’ve never really thought about that being done en masse and…

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