Daily Archives: May 27, 2021, 4:42 pm

ESG materiality, disclosures spur opposing views at SEC | Article | Compliance Week

If the SEC writes rules that order public companies to disclose ESG-related risks in the areas of climate change, board diversity, corporate political donations, ethical supply chain procurement, and more, should the agency establish its own ESG framework on which those disclosures would be based? Or should it simply peg them to established ESG standards, like those being developed by…

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NFTs getting a closer look from FINRA

How hot is the NFT craze? It’s so hot that even Finra is trying to wrap its head around it. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority — the non-government group that licenses broker dealers and accordingly polices it for infractions — is “taking a deep dive to understand NFTs and the implication for the regulation of broker dealers,” according to a…

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