Daily Archives: June 11, 2021, 1:43 pm

Bitcoin Backers Losing Hope in Washington Amid Ransom, Volatility – Bloomberg

Just a few months ago, crypto enthusiasts were hopeful that Washington was warming to digital assets. But cyberattacks demanding Bitcoin ransoms, wild trading and rebukes from regulators have eroded their optimism. The timing couldn’t be worse. Policy makers are poised to make a number of critical rulings on virtual tokens in the coming months — decisions that may reveal how…

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How the FBI Got Colonial Pipeline’s Ransom Money Back – WSJ

After Colonial Pipeline Co. on May 8 paid roughly $4.4 million in cryptocurrency to hackers holding its computer systems hostage, the Federal Bureau of Investigation followed the digital money. Over the next 19 days, court records show, a special agent watched on a publicly visible bitcoin ledger as hackers transferred the 75 bitcoins to other digital addresses. A May 27…

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