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Elizabeth Holmes ‘chose fraud over business failure,’ prosecutors argue as verdict looms

The Feds made their final push to put Elizabeth Holmes behind bars on Thursday, telling jurors that the “criminal” founder of Theranos was guilty of perpetrating a massive fraud. “She chose fraud over business failure,” federal prosecutor Jeff Schenk told the jury. “She chose to be dishonest. This choice was not only callous; it was criminal.” Source: Elizabeth Holmes ‘chose fraud…

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Jay Clayton: America’s Future Depends on the Blockchain – WSJ

What is government’s role? Regulation is essential to our financial markets, and there is no doubt that tokenized financial assets should be regulated to ensure financial stability, promote capital formation, prevent illicit activity, and protect consumers. But there is more the U.S. government must do. Innovators must have assurances that if they follow time-tested regulatory principles, they will be free…

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