Daily Archives: May 21, 2022, 12:00 pm

The Washington Nationals loved Terra. Then the cryptocurrency struck out. – The Washington Post

Fans quickly expressed anger with their favorite team pushing a plummeting cryptocurrency to its Twitter following of more than 780,000. The tweet was scheduled in advance, according to multiple people inside the organization, who also said that Terra’s collapse is stirring tension about how to proceed with the partnership. The Nationals signed a five-year, $38.15 million deal this winter to…

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Crypto Might Have an Insider Trading Problem – WSJ

Insider trading laws bar investors from trading stocks or commodities on material nonpublic information, such as knowledge of a coming listing or merger offer. Some lawyers say that existing criminal statutes and other regulations could be used to go after those trading cryptocurrencies with private information. But others in the cryptocurrency industry say a lack of case precedent specific to…

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