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Securities Enforcement Forum West 2022: SEC Affirms Aggressive Approach | Perkins Coie

Key Takeaways Throughout the Forum, SEC officials emphasized its intent to continue to take aggressive enforcement stances. The Forum participants also emphasized the Commission’s focus on regulating newer industries and issues, including cryptocurrency and cybersecurity. Those subject to the SEC’s oversight, individuals and entities alike, would be well advised to proactively consider these emerging risks and compliance concerns as the…

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Stablecoins May Not Be Part of SEC’s Jurisdiction, Commissioner Peirce Says

Peirce, known for her pro-crypto stance, said in an interview that she personally would like to see a clear SEC-initiated regulatory framework for the industry, but, at the same time, it may not be something within the authority’s jurisdiction. “Stablecoins may or may not be within the SEC’s jurisdiction, but facts and circumstances matter… It’s something that the Congress has…

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