Daily Archives: June 26, 2022, 11:37 am

Rethinking Insider Trading Compliance Policies in Light of the SEC’s New “Shadow Trading” Theory of Insider Trading Liability

To me, the most interesting question raised by the Panuwat case, and the problem of shadow trading more generally, is why would Medivation (or any company) adopt such a broadly worded insider trading policy? How did this broad proscription on employee trading benefit Medivation’s shareholders? Medivation’s shareholders could not have been harmed by Panuawat’s trading. Such trading could not affect…

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Crypto’s biggest critics won’t back down

According to Diehl, the crypto industry is reinventing the financial catastrophes of the past. Crypto is like early days, he argues: specifically, the wildcat banking of the 19th century, when small banks outside of federal regulation in the US issued paper cash without enough gold or silver to back it. It made for an unstable system where a simple rumor…

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