CEO Stock Sales Raise Questions About Insider Trading – WSJ

A Wall Street Journal analysis of 75,000 prearranged stock sales by corporate insiders, using a comprehensive compilation of the data, shows that about a fifth of them occurred within 60 trading days of a plan’s adoption. The timing in aggregate made the trades more profitable: On average, those trades preceded a downturn in share price more often than when insiders waited longer to trade, the analysis found.

Collectively, insiders who sold within 60 days reaped $500 million more in profits than they would have if they sold three months later, according to the analysis, which examined trades from 2016 through 2021 and adjusted returns to remove the effect of sector-wide moves in the market.


Academic researchers have suggested some corporate insiders might be using nonpublic information to game the preset trading plans, and the Securities and Exchange Commission has called trades that are initiated soon after plans are adopted “potentially abusive.”

Source: CEO Stock Sales Raise Questions About Insider Trading – WSJ