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The Fight Between Musk and Twitter Will Come Down to Three Words – Bloomberg

Elon Musk’s attempt to walk away from his $44 billion Twitter Inc. buyout will turn on a three-word phrase that’s sometimes asserted in busted mergers — but rarely passes muster with judges. “Material Adverse Effect” was cited by Musk’s lawyers in a regulatory filing Friday which argued that undisclosed information about bots on the social media platform is “fundamental to…

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‘Peekaboo prosecution’ turns 20 | The Hill

Imagine a dystopian world where Congress empowers a private corporation to secretly investigate and punish members of a particular profession — say, auditors. Think of a private version of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), but with evergreen funding that never requires an appropriation from Congress and with lavishly compensated personnel who are exempt from laws designed to keep governmental regulators…

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