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Elon’s Out – Bloomberg

….If the bots are 6% of mDAUs, whatever. If the bots are 75% of mDAUs and Twitter has been knowingly misleading its advertisers, and Musk can expose that scam and advertisers flee and Twitter faces legal trouble for its fraud, then, sure, material adverse effect. 3  There is no evidence for this at all despite Musk’s months of looking for…

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Twitter Didn’t Seek a Sale. Now Elon Musk Doesn’t Want to Buy. Cue Strange Legal Drama. – WSJ

Most legal clashes over soured deals end in settlements involving a price cut or one-time payment. Mr. Musk agreed to pay a $1 billion reverse termination fee to Twitter if the deal falls apart, triggered under certain scenarios including if his debt financing falls through or regulators try to block the deal. Neither has occurred. The clash pits multiple white-shoe…

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