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Cracking Down on a Wall Street Trend: E.S.G. Makeovers – The New York Times

It’s the Wall Street version of a truth-in-advertising crackdown, and it’s a focal point for a special E.S.G. enforcement task force set up last year by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The task force is essentially looking for instances of banks and money managers engaging in “greenwashing” — using misleading claims to make their investment funds or strategies appear to…

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Florida District Court Permits the SEC to Pay Disgorgement to the US Treasury Where Victims of the Fraud Could not be Identified | Winstead

Recently, in SEC v. Spartan Securities Group, Ltd, et al., a Florida federal court held that the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) could seek disgorgement and direct funds to the Treasury because the defrauded victims could not be identified. *** This question was important because some cases do not lend themselves to victim compensation.  For instance, it is sometimes difficult…

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