US Closes In on Bankman-Fried Inner Circle With Probe of FTX Chief Engineer – Bloomberg

The scrutiny of Singh, who until recently lived with Bankman-Fried in a Bahamas penthouse and was a high school friend of his younger brother, Gabe, presents the latest legal threat to Bankman-Fried as he fights a slew of criminal charges. Former close associates Caroline Ellison and Gary Wang have pleaded guilty to fraud in connection to their roles at Alameda and FTX and are working with authorities.


The exact scope of the probe into Singh’s role and activities at FTX isn’t known. Bloomberg News last month reported on documentation that showed a GitHub account bearing Singh’s name authored code that hid Alameda’s ballooning liabilities. GitHub is a repository that companies and individual software developers use to store and share code. The documentation reviewed by Bloomberg was in the form of comments associated with specific lines of code.

Source: US Closes In on Bankman-Fried Inner Circle With Singh Probe – Bloomberg