Daily Archives: January 16, 2023, 1:27 pm

Elon Musk, Tesla Poised for Trial Over 2018 Tweets Proposing to Take Car Maker Private – WSJ

The case is unusual in that securities-fraud cases usually resolve before going to trial, such as through a settlement, said Jill Fisch, a securities-law professor at the University of Pennsylvania. The defendants in this case face “an uphill battle” in light of the judge’s pretrial decision about the veracity of Mr. Musk’s statements, she said. *** Mr. Musk is expected…

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The Crypto Collapse and the End of the Magical Thinking That Infected Capitalism – The New York Times

I have come to view cryptocurrencies not simply as exotic assets but as a manifestation of a magical thinking that had come to infect part of the generation who grew up in the aftermath of the Great Recession — and American capitalism, more broadly. For these purposes, magical thinking is the assumption that favored conditions will continue on forever without…

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CoinDesk Broke Big News About FTX. Now the News Is Closer to Home. – The New York Times

The article, by Ian Allison, raised the profile and readership for CoinDesk, one in a sea of publications that started up over the past decade to cover cryptocurrencies. Many of the publications have been accused of fawning over the industry, particularly as it shot to new heights in 2020. Some, including CoinDesk, are in the unusual position of covering an…

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