“God Mode” – Bloomberg

One account had that flag set, says the presentation: Alameda. To the tune of $65 billion. Setting the borrow flag to $65 billion and the can_withdraw_below_borrow flag to true is functionally equivalent to “Alameda can take as much of FTX’s customer money as it wants, remove it from the exchange, and spend it on whatever.” (Slides 16 and 17 give you a sense of what “whatever” meant, including $253 million of Bahamas real estate — including $12.9 million for “The Conch Shack”??? — and $93 million of political donations.)

The presentation describes this setting as “God Mode,” which I am not sure is a technical term found in FTX’s actual codebase or documentation, but you get the idea. FTX built a video game for other people to trade crypto, but FTX — or rather its affiliate Alameda — had a cheat code. Everyone else got to trade crypto, and if they made money, they could take out the money that they made. Alameda got to trade crypto, and it got to take out as much money as it wanted, whether or not it made money. It was playing in God Mode.

Source: “God Mode” – Bloomberg