Celsius! – Bloomberg

On the other hand here are some actual quotes from the bankruptcy report!…

In April 2022, Celsius’s Coin Deployment Specialist described Celsius’s practice of “using customer stable coins” and “growing short in customer coins” to buy CEL as “very ponzi like.” A few weeks later when Celsius made another push to prop up the price of CEL, Celsius’s former Vice President of Treasury asked where the cash was coming from to make the CEL purchases and Celsius’s Coin Deployment Specialist replied, “users like always.” This same employee explained that at the time he made this statement, Celsius had “negative equity” and therefore necessarily was using customer funds when it made these purchases.

Aaaaahhhh! You can’t! You can’t send messages like that! If you find yourself messaging your boss to say things like “our business is very Ponzi like” and “we have negative equity so we’re using customer funds to buy worthless coins so our founder can cash out,” no! Stop! If you have written sentences like that, don’t send them to your boss! Print them out and get yourself a lawyer and a whistle-blower deal! My lord. This is not legal advice but what are you even doing?

Source: Celsius!  – Bloomberg