Musk Gets Away With Mischief – Bloomberg

But is that right? The case was actually about whether investors bought Tesla stock at inflated prices because they were deceived by Musk’s tweets, and in evaluating that question you might want to think about what Twitter is, and who Elon Musk is. If Tim Cook had put out an Apple Inc. press release in 2018 saying “we are thinking of acquiring Tesla and have proposed a price of $420 per share, funding secured,” the price of Tesla would have gone up to, like, $410, because people would have taken that very seriously, because Tim Cook does not sit around saying nonsense in press releases all day. But Elon Musk really does sit around tweeting nonsense all day, so you can’t take him that seriously.  Does that mean that the rules that apply to Tim Cook (and pretty much every other public company CEO) don’t apply to Musk? Ehh, I guess? Sorry?….

Source: Musk Gets Away With Mischief – Bloomberg