The Crypto Industry Also Needs to Fix Itself–CoinDesk

As I look around to take some perspective, I see three reasons why the industry is in the doldrums.

The first one is the SEC’s onslaught on the industry. The second is Congress’ inability to pass any laws that might set the industry in a significantly new direction, or even slow down the SEC rampage. These are well-known reasons, but they are a prelude to the third one.


This brings us to the third factor, and it is related to us, the industry.

So, let’s look at ourselves in the mirror because we are also part of the problem.

Let’s stop giving pundits, regulators or politicians free ammunition to mount attack after attack on crypto. Those critics have been feasting on crypto’s mishaps of the past year, to the point where they want to define us by our failures and not by our successes, potentials or benefits.

Source: The Crypto Industry Also Needs to Fix Itself–CoinDesk