Who is the $279mn whistleblower? | Financial Times

Last week the SEC awarded someone a record-smashing $279mn for blowing the whistle on some nefarious activity that “led to the successful enforcement of SEC and related actions”. But who, and for what?

That’s what Alphaville has been pondering over the weekend. That may sound beyond tragic, but from some of the texts we’ve been receiving on the subject we seem to be in good company. Well, curious company at least.


However, FTAV’s low-confidence bet is that it’s tied to the WhatsApp probe. The size of the SEC’s $1.235bn of cumulative penalties against 17 investment banks and the wording of the statement seems to fit (roughly) with how the WhatsApp probe unfolded, and gradually expanded to in take hedge funds, asset managers and private equity as well.

Source: Who is the $279mn whistleblower? | Financial Times