Guest Post: Monitoring Cash Flows — The Board, the CLO, and the CFO | The D&O Diary

The recent, ongoing developments regarding the survival of certain banks, and perhaps even the future shape of the banking industry as a whole, stand as a testament to the fact that the CEO, CFO, and the general counsel (“GC”) and CLO must join with the board and others in focusing on operational and capital cash flows. Indeed, both the CEO and CFO were named as defendants in securities litigation arising from the failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. Too often, companies deemed to be healthy have not focused on cash flows, which are often the critical indicator of a company’s ability to survive. Troubled companies understand the importance of the cash flows—for some, unfortunately, when it is too late.

Source: Guest Post: Monitoring Cash Flows: The Board, the CLO, and the CFO | The D&O Diary