FTX Lied to Banks About Commingled Funds, Management Alleges – Bloomberg

Sam Bankman-Fried’s crypto conglomerate made “false statements” to banks about accounts commingling customer funds and fired an employee who raised concerns about the practice, the new management of bankrupt FTX alleged in a report Monday.

FTX Group employees lied to banks about using trading firm Alameda Research’s accounts for FTX.com customer transactions after some banks questioned Alameda’s wire activity in 2020 and began rejecting transfers, according to the report.

In one instance, a bank representative — noticing references to FTX — asked whether an Alameda account that received customer deposits would be used to settle trades for FTX. An Alameda employee was then directed by a senior FTX executive to lie and say customers “occasionally confuse FTX and Alameda,” but all incoming and outgoing wires are used to settle Alameda trades, the report said.

Source: FTX Lied to Banks About Commingled Funds, Management Alleges- Bloomberg