Desperately Seeking Crypto’s Killer App

Since the start of the year, I’ve been pre-occupied by a question I can’t seem to get decent answers to. I’ve asked it at conferences, on live panels, on podcasts, and to smart friends over zoom. It’s pretty simple: “If you couldn’t get rich off of it, what currently existing products in crypto would significant numbers of people still use?”


A $1.2 trillion market cap, billions upon billions in funding, tens of thousands of developers and at least five years of buidling, is everything, aside from stablecoins, just powering speculation? In the wake of the horror show that was 2022, there has rightly been lots of debate about speculation actually messing up classic product market fit signals, with plenty of thoughtful pro-crypto people musing that perhaps crypto’s PMF was speculation. After all this time and money, where is crypto’s killer app for normies? It’s embarrassing we even have to ask.

Source: Desperately Seeking Crypto’s Killer App