FTX Plans to Alert Trustee Before Selling Its Billion Dollar Crypto Holding

Crypto exchange FTX has amended its proposal to sell off billions in crypto assets, as it seeks to assuage concerns raised by the U.S. Trustee, the bankruptcy branch of the Department of Justice, in a Tuesday filing.

In the proposal, FTX would still not have to issue advance public notice of transactions given their market-moving implications – as the prospect that a crypto player selling off as much as $100 million of assets per week has already chilled crypto prices.

The U.S. Trustee originally objected to FTX’s plan, saying that any intention to sell off bitcoin (BTC) or ether (ETH) should be flagged as widely as possible to give others an opportunity to object. In its compromise, FTX has agreed to keep the U.S. Trustee privately in the loop, alongside committees representing the exchange’s creditors.

Source: FTX Plans to Alert Trusteee Before Selling Its Billion Dollar Crypto Holding