Crypto Should Ignore the SBF Trial

It’s crucial for the industry to disassociate from rogue actors and showcase its dedication to ethical conduct and responsible practices. The crypto community has proven its capability to do exactly that. Swift reactions to regulatory hurdles, active initiatives to educate lawmakers, and a readiness for constructive discussions all reflect the industry’s maturity and promise. However, the crypto industry risks erasing these achievements if it lets the Bankman-Fried saga dominate the narrative.

So, as the trial unfolds and the world watches, the industry must ignore the sensationalism and get back to business. The shot clock for progress in D.C. in 2023 is ticking ever closer to zero and every stakeholder in the crypto ecosystem should be hustling to amplify its collective voice in Washington. The crypto industry must continue to show the U.S. legislature that, beyond the outliers, blockchain technology is tangible and worth championing.

Source: Crypto Should Ignore the SBF Trial