A Bitcoin Spot ETF: Say it Ain’t So Gary . . . 

For crypto: There’s no inherent value. There’s no cash flow. There’s no yield. There’s no employees. There’s no management. There’s no balance sheet. There’s no product. There’s no service. There’s no history of operations. There’s no analytical valuations. There’s no earnings reports. There’s no proven track record of adoption or reliance. There’s no data of any kind except for analytics relating to crypto speculation, which are inherently suspect.


There is only one actual proven utility for crypto: crime, such as terrorism, money laundering, sanctions evasion, ransomware attacks, drug dealing, child pornography peddling, human sex trafficking and espionage.

Along the same lines, crypto has two primary beneficiaries: Grifters, who shill crypto to lure in investors, especially if those investors are the downtrodden and Criminals, who exploit the pseudonymity of crypto to orchestrate globally a vast array of devastating crimes and terrorism.

Yet this coming week, amid a horrifically corrupt and criminal global crypto-marketplace and a crypto-ecosystem formulated into a toxic speculative cocktail of mathematical computational blather, affinity fraud and the “Greater Fool Theory,” the SEC will reportedly approve the offering and inception of a Bitcoin Spot-ETF. What a crock.

Source: A Bitcoin Spot ETF: Say it Ain’t So Gary . . .