What’s Uniting the SEC’s Crypto Cases

Over the past week, we’ve heard from two different judges question lawyers with the SEC and crypto exchanges (Coinbase and Binance) about whether the federal agency has any sort of case against either crypto trading platform. Last week’s newsletter focused on the hearings held that week (of course) but this week’s rescheduled hearing in the SEC’s case against Binance also had some interesting comments from District Judge Amy Berman Jackson.

“Where’s the SEC been? Does that matter … why is it that if they’re trying to achieve legislation, is that some suggestion there’s something missing in the statute to cover this? Why are we doing this on a coin-by-coin, case-by-case, judge-by-judge litigation which depends on the … vagaries of the individual districts … as opposed to issuing a reg that tells everybody ‘this is it?'” she asked.

Source: What’s Uniting the SEC’s Crypto Cases