Everything is seating charts – Bloomberg

And there are very fine-grained forms of jealousy here. If you are the co-head of some important business, and you are not on a committee, and the other co-head of that business is on that committee, that is a mortal insult. The Financial Times reports:

“Two of Goldman Sachs’ top investment bankers have threatened to quit after being excluded from a new operating committee established under chief executive David Solomon, according to people familiar with the matter.”


Spectacular stuff, the most Goldman of all stories. Disclosure: I used to work at Goldman, and while I was very very far from being committee material, this story resonates with me. If you work at Goldman and you turn to your colleague and say “my rival was just put on committee and I was not, I think I have to quit,” your colleague will nod solemnly and say “yes of course, we’ll miss you, but you’ve got to have principles.”

Source: Everything is seating charts – Bloomberg