Has Gensler’s SEC pushed Wall Street too far?

Undeterred, Gensler is pushing ahead with the biggest regulatory blitz since the financial crisis, setting the stage for the latest in a long line of battles between Wall Street and its main regulator.

The question now is whether he can see through his ambitious agenda in the face of an industry fightback, sceptical judges and the possibility of a new administration in the White House after the 2024 presidential elections.

His legacy “will be determined in the next few months”, says Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic senator who is critical of Wall Street’s excesses and supportive of Gensler’s reform agenda. She says that he should continue pushing for strong rules on climate-related disclosure and private funds as well as misconduct in the crypto sector.

“That will determine how he is known forever.”

Source: Has Gensler’s SEC pushed Wall Street too far?