Top Legal Recruiter Breaks Down the Lateral Partner Move Process — Macrae

Last week, I provided an overview of what partners looking to make a lateral move need to do before launching a search. This week, we get into the exciting (and sometimes dramatic) stuff: what happens once all of the info you and your recruiter painstakingly prepared is actually in front of your target firms?

Let’s go!

The Launch

The day we confidentially submit a candidate’s materials to law firms is known as “launch day,” or “D-1” in Macrae parlance. An initial submission is typically reviewed by a firm’s Office Managing Partner (OPM), the relevant practice group leader, and/or head of lateral partner recruiting. While I’ve had candidates hear back from a firm within a few days, it more often takes a firm 2-3 weeks to way in. Very. Long. Weeks. Which leads us to…

The Slog

Lawyers are not particularly good at waiting. (Recruiters – many of us former lawyers – aren’t, either. Which is why it helps to work with a recruiter who will hustle to get firms to respond to your submissions.) But, rest assured, once firms begin indicating interest, your calendar will quickly fill up with in-person and virtual interviews.

The word “interview” doesn’t quite fit the bill, though, because at this stage in your career what you’ll really be having are business meetings. Both you and the firm will engage in candid conversations about the viability of going into business together….

Source: Top Legal Recruiter Breaks Down the Lateral Partner Move Process — Macrae