In-House & Law Firm Recruiters: What’s the Difference? — Macrae

I routinely hear from law firm partners and government attorneys seeking assistance landing in-house roles – and they often seem surprised to learn that I can’t help them. After all, I’m a legal recruiter, right? Well, yes, that’s true. But the gulf between legal recruiters who place candidates at law firms and those who assist companies in filling in-house vacancies is wide.

Let’s walk through these differences.

The first thing to remember is that law firms are profit centers while in-house general counsel’s offices are cost centers. As a profit center, a firm that adds another partner is making what it hopes will prove a lucrative business decision. (A whole group? Cha-ching!) As a result, law firms will consider strong individual applicants or groups at any time. They can be “opportunistic” about hiring talented practitioners even if they are not actively looking for specific expertise. In-house lawyers, on the other hand, are typically brought on to fill a specific need or gap in expertise, and it’s hard to know if and when a company is in hiring mode….

Source: In-House & Law Firm Recruiters: What’s the Difference? — Macrae