The rise of the chief AI officer

As boards grapple with the opportunity and risk of generative artificial intelligence, companies are leaning into a new role: the chief AI officer.

The number of companies with a designated head of AI position has almost tripled globally in the past five years, according to social network LinkedIn. Fawad Bajwa, AI lead at recruiters Russell Reynolds Associates, has “seen the landscape shift” since the launch of ChatGPT.


CAIOs oversee the deployment of AI and generative AI within an organisation: improving workforce efficiency, identifying new revenue streams, and mitigating ethical and security risks. The role requires a “deep understanding of AI tech, machine learning, data science and analytics,” says David Mathison, who founded the first Chief AI Officer Summit last year. Yet candidates also “need to understand legal” and change management well; many come from leadership roles in data, risk management and compliance.

Source: The rise of the chief AI officer