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Jamie Dimon calls bitcoin a ‘fraud’ and a ‘Ponzi scheme’ — and says the crypto is hopeless as a currency

Bitcoin is a scam and fails as a currency, Jamie Dimon said. “If you mean crypto like bitcoin, I’ve always said it’s a fraud,” the JPMorgan CEO told Bloomberg TV on Wednesday. “If they think they’re a currency, there’s no hope for it. It’s a Ponzi scheme,” he added. However, the billionaire banker did say tokens that serve a purpose…

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Trader convicted of Mango Markets fraud in first US crypto manipulation case | Reuters

A cryptocurrency trader was convicted of fraud on Thursday, after prosecutors accused him of stealing about $110 million by rigging the Mango Markets exchange. Jurors in federal court in Manhattan found Avraham Eisenberg, 28, guilty of commodities fraud, commodities manipulation and wire fraud, in the U.S. Department of Justice’s first criminal case involving cryptocurrency market manipulation. Eisenberg had argued that…

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Joe Lewis’ Yacht Aviva Sets Sail After British Billionaire Pays US Fine – Bloomberg

After departing Zakynthos earlier this week, the Tavistock Group founder’s yacht was near Kalamata in southern Greece on Thursday morning local time, the data show. It’s the most the roughly $250 million vessel has traveled in about seven months, though it’s unclear if Lewis is on board. Lewis, 87, pledged his yacht along with his private jet to secure his…

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