CZ’s Trial Proves it Pays to Cooperate

The sentence is more than CZ’s lawyers had asked for (they were bargaining for house arrest at most), but less than both the official sentencing guidelines (around one year) and what U.S. Department of Justice prosecutors sought (36 months). We don’t know exactly why CZ received the sentence he did. But it’s notable that, instead of fighting extradition, CZ willingly came to the U.S. to stand trial. The outcome is the latest signal that if caught doing a crime, cooperate, cooperate, cooperate.


It’s worth noting CZ wasn’t alone in complying with the U.S. government, but Binance itself also bent the knee. Once an entity that bragged about not having a home base, Binance has agreed to admit an “independent compliance monitor” to oversee the transactions that happen on the platform for the next three years. That could be invaluable data for government agencies looking to track down criminals leveraging blockchains.

Source: CZ’s Trial Proves it Pays to Cooperate