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U.S. crypto advocacy group tops 1 million members after Biden veto

Stand with Crypto, an advocacy organization for voters who own cryptocurrencies, saw its membership surpass 1 million on Wednesday, as crypto backers push politicians to create a new regulatory framework for the digital asset industry while averting more onerous compliance requirements. Brian Armstrong, chief executive of Coinbase, an online platform for buying and selling crypto that helped launch Stand With…

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Dallas Needs a Stock Exchange – Bloomberg

Because if you’re starting an exchange, you probably do need some value proposition beyond “we’re a computer where you can trade stocks.” You need a story to attract investors and attention and ultimately traders. *** And now here’s TXSE, the Texas Stock Exchange, whose proposition seems to be some combination of “we will protect public companies from woke,” “we will…

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FTX seeks to stop outside litigation against insiders, VC firms | Reuters

FTX on Tuesday asked a U.S. judge to stop outside litigation against company insiders and venture capital firms accused of playing a role in the bankrupt crypto exchange’s collapse, saying the lawsuits undermine FTX’s own effort to repay customers. The lawsuits, including class action complaints filed by FTX customers, could eat into an estimated $16 billion recovery that the company…

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