Roaring Kitty – Bloomberg

I tell you what: If I could make the price of a publicly traded stock double just by tweeting a cartoon of a guy leaning forward in a chair, and if I could make hundreds of millions of dollars of essentially risk-free instant profits by buying loads of call options on the stock before tweeting that cartoon, I would:

  1. Do that, and
  2. Not then go around publicly discussing, on YouTube, at great length, my fundamental case for why the stock is undervalued.

Right? For at least three reasons.

  1. I would already have the hundreds of millions of dollars. I would like to think that a single $300 million score would be plenty for me.
  2. Posting a picture of a guy in a chair on X (formerly Twitter) is probably — not legal advice! — not going to get me into any legal trouble. I am not making any factual representations about the company, the stock, my position, my future plans, anything; it’s just a picture of a guy with a headband. Whereas if I go on YouTube and talk in detail about why I like the stock, what I think of the company’s strategy, my current holdings, my plans for the future, etc., then I am saying a bunch of stuff that could be wrong, or could mislead someone, or could give someone some argument that they were misled, etc. Every factual statement is a risk; the cartoon is a minimal risk….

Source: Roaring Kitty – Bloomberg