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William H. Donaldson, Wall St. Lion Who Led the S.E.C., Dies at 93 – The New York Times

… President George W. Bush appointed him chairman of the S.E.C. in 2003. The commission was under fire at the time for appearing too lax in its watchdog role. After the stock market boom of the late 1990s, Americans were stunned and angered to learn that the energy firm Enron and telecommunication-services provider WorldCom had used accounting trickery to inflate…

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SEC Charges Texas Resident with Submitting Bogus Offer to Invest $200 million in Virgin Orbit

The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged Dallas-Fort Worth resident Matthew Brown and his company, Matthew Brown Companies, LLC, for engaging in a fraudulent scheme to submit and publicly tout a bogus offer to invest $200 million in Virgin Orbit Hol dings, Inc. (“Virgin Orbit”), formerly a public company listed on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol VORB. According to the…

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‘Hot-tubbing’ and more. New terms in Black’s Law Dictionary | Reuters

Here are some newly added terms that caught my eye. Hot-tubbing. Sure, you could say “witness conferencing” or “concurrent expert evidence hearings” to mean the same thing, but where’s the fun in that? Black’s says it is “the practice of having expert witnesses testify as a panel rather than one by one, answering questions in each other’s presence.” The term…

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