‘Hot-tubbing’ and more. New terms in Black’s Law Dictionary | Reuters

Here are some newly added terms that caught my eye.


Sure, you could say “witness conferencing” or “concurrent expert evidence hearings” to mean the same thing, but where’s the fun in that? Black’s says it is “the practice of having expert witnesses testify as a panel rather than one by one, answering questions in each other’s presence.”

The term to me invokes images of fully-clothed middle-aged academics soaking in a tub and having a spirited debate about, say, whether a reasonable alternative design could have been employed to avoid a product failure.

Here’s another one: crimmigration. Joining the likes of “glamping,” “chillax” and “bromance,” the legal profession now has “crimmigration.”

“The confluence of immigration law and criminal law; specif., a body of law that determines whether a criminal conviction renders a noncitizen inadmissible or removable from the United States under immigration law, ineligible for relief or protection from removal, or ineligible for naturalization.”

Source: ‘Hot-tubbing’ and more. New terms in Black’s Law Dictionary | Reuters