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Robotic Automation Company Hit With AI-Related Securities Suit | The D&O Diary

As AI becomes an ever-more present component of many companies’ strategies and operations, one concern is the extent to which this technological shift could affect companies’ litigation risk exposures. One risk companies may face is that in seeking to promote their adoption of AI strategies, companies may be susceptible to allegations that they overstated their AI capabilities or the extent…

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Bitcoin Prices Drop to Near $62,000 as Mt. Gox Set to Begin BTC, Bitcoin Cash Repayments

Defunct bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox said Monday it will start to distribute assets stolen from clients in a 2014 hack in the first week of July, years after continually moving deadlines. “The Rehabilitation Trustee has been preparing to make repayments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash under the Rehabilitation Plan,” trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi said in a Monday statement posted on the…

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If a Company Says It’s Ethical, Investors Might Want to Be Skeptical – WSJ

Companies using trust words were also about 15% more likely to receive a comment letter from the Securities and Exchange Commission asking them to clarify information on their annual report than companies that didn’t use trust words. The SEC often uses comment letters to communicate its concerns with the annual report. “Companies likely use trust words to project a positive…

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