Bruce Carton

Bruce Carton is the President of Docket Media LLC and the editor of Securities Docket and Cybersecurity Docket. He is also the founder of the Securities Enforcement Forum and Incident Response Forum conferences.

Carton is a former Senior Counsel with the SEC’s Division of Enforcement, where he investigated and brought cases for violations of the federal securities laws. He was subsequently a securities litigation and SEC enforcement partner with one of the world’s largest law firms (now known as DLA Piper), and later a Vice President at Institutional Shareholder Services.

From 2008-2016, Carton was a featured columnist for Compliance Week on securities enforcement and litigation issues and the author of Compliance Week’s “Enforcement Action” blog. From 2009-2013, Carton was the co-author of’s popular “Legal Blog Watch” column. In 2009, Carton served as an Adjunct Professor of Legal Writing at George Mason University School of Law.


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