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The Debate Over Wall St. Enforcement – NYTimes.com

In October 2013, Mary Jo White, the Securities and Exchange Commission chairwoman, spoke at the Securities Enforcement Forum about a new approach based on the “broken windows” theory of enforcement in which the police pursue minor infractions to send a message about compliance with the law. “We are looking for the ‘broken windows’ in our markets,” she said, “and not…

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The SEC Speaks in 2014: Beware the Data Crunchers — King & Spalding

Even more notable to securities practitioners than the attendance of Mark Cuban at this year’s SEC Speaks event (held in Washington, D.C. on February 21-22, 2014) was the start-to-finish focus of the Enforcement Division on data, data, data. Beginning with Chair Mary Jo White’s kick-off address, and extending throughout the two-day event, the Commission and its staff lauded the SEC’s…

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