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SEC Gains Access to Identities of Law Firm Clients | Jones Day

Three Key Takeaways Despite affirming the SEC’s broad investigative authority, the court limited the SEC’s requests to information directly connected to its stated investigative objectives. This decision reflects that courts increasingly view the SEC’s power much more narrowly than does the agency itself. The outcome in this case may embolden the SEC to seek similar information in the future from…

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Hot Off The Presses: SEC/Covington and Burling Hearing Transcript | John Reed Stark

During a roughly hour-long hearing yesterday, U.S. District Judge Amit P. Mehta questioned both the SEC’s contention that it has the authority to force Covington to hand over a list of 298 clients affected by the 2020 cyberattack and Covington’s claim that attorney-client privilege prohibits it from disclosing that list. The SEC has requested client names to investigate whether any…

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