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SAC’s Insider Trading ‘Victims’ Push for Share of $602 Million Settlement | Compliance Week

SAC Capital’s alleged insider trading that led to a $602 million settlement with the SEC is discussed in detail in the excellent piece in The New Yorker that I recommended earlier this week. Now the SEC is faced with another question: what should it do with that $602 million? via SAC’s Insider Trading ‘Victims’ Push for Share of $602 Million Settlement |…

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The SEC Record of Small and Big Bucks – MoneyBeat – WSJ

A forthcoming academic study has done just that for one regulator, tracking the money investors have received from the Securities and Exchange Commission’s efforts to punish frauds and other financial crimes. The results of the research, to be published in the Stanford Law Review in 2015, cast the SEC’s performance in an interesting light: The regulator is surprisingly good in…

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Mississippi Faults SEC For Delays in $100 Million Morgan Keegan Settlement Distribution – Compliance Week

Morgan Keegan investors have waited over two years for the SEC to distribute a $100 million Fair Fund settlement. The wait has led several Morgan Keegan victims in Mississippi to file a lawsuit against the SEC over the delay, and today the Mississippi Secretary of State filed its own Amicus Curiae brief in support of the lawsuit. via Mississippi Faults…

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