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Australian Regulator Wins First Greenwashing Enforcement Action | The D&O Diary

As ESG-related litigation has developed, one definitive trend has been the emergence of litigation involving allegations of “greenwashing” – that is, claims alleging that companies overstated their ESG credentials in order to win business, attract customers, or score virtue points. To date, the greenwashing claims have emerged primarily in the U.S. and Europe. Now, Australia is getting into the act,…

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Unilever Under U.K. Investigation for Possible “Greenwashing” Product Claims | The D&O Diary

While academics and others may be asking whether it is time to “say RIP to ESG,” the fact is that though some observers may be done with ESG, ESG is not done with us. A recent action by a U.K. regulator shows that companies remain susceptible to investigations and other regulatory actions for their sustainability and other product or business-related…

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What’s the Legal Definition of Greenwashing? Green Insight – Bloomberg

For example, a company says it’s reducing its carbon footprint—but fails to say that the calculation excludes massive emissions produced by its customers or suppliers. Or an asset manager overhypes the environmental, social and governance standards it uses to allocate clients’ money. But know-it-when-you-see-it doesn’t translate well into statutory authority. “The battle to stamp out greenwashing continues to be foiled by the lack of…

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