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Frank’s Charlie Javice Accuses Prosecutors, SEC of ‘Hide-the-Ball’ Tactics – Bloomberg

Her lawyer on Wednesday accused the government of gamesmanship, saying the Justice Department has strategically asked the court to pause the SEC’s civil suit to allow the criminal case to advance first. The move is “designed to gain advantage in the criminal action,” attorney Alex Spiro argued in a court filing. It enables the SEC and prosecutors to “play hide-the-ball…

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Playing with House Money – IFRAH Law

… The variables that now affect JPMorgan’s decision-making are now borderline bewildering. A verdict, plea or settlement in which Javice acknowledges fraud remains quite valuable to the company. But pursuing the civil case could easily force JPMorgan to burn through millions of dollars on its own legal expenses as well as those for Javice. How will JPMorgan try to streamline…

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