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Not Your Standard Orange Grove: Non-Fungible Tokens & Securities Laws

With offerings across a growing number of online platforms and increased trading volume, NFT issuers, promoters, and buyers should consider the legal and regulatory implications relating to NFTs and federal securities laws. Throughout the first half of 2021, non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) have continued to experience widespread adoption across a range of industries. Just last week, rights to a so-called CryptoPunk NFT, dubbed…

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NFTs getting a closer look from FINRA

How hot is the NFT craze? It’s so hot that even Finra is trying to wrap its head around it. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority — the non-government group that licenses broker dealers and accordingly polices it for infractions — is “taking a deep dive to understand NFTs and the implication for the regulation of broker dealers,” according to a…

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