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The Smartest People in the Room Are All Listening to the Same Podcast – WSJ

It’s a wonky podcast about business history and strategy with four-hour episodes that drop once a month. And people from Silicon Valley to Wall Street are completely obsessed with it. Acquired is the unlikely hit show hosted by Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal, whose ability to understand companies deeply enough to describe them simply makes listeners want to spend time…

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‘Bloomberg Crypto’ Podcast Launches With An Eye On TerraUSD (Luna, UST) – Bloomberg

Whether you’re casually crypto curious, totally coinpilled or a complete skeptic, there’ll be something in this podcast for you. To start, a bit about this podcast: Have you ever wondered how you make a Bitcoin? Or how a blockchain works? Or why anyone would spend money on digital pictures of monkeys? On this show, stacy-marie explores these fundamental questions about…

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The Sure Thing podcast: ‘It was just chaos’: The day police cracked an $8 million scam

One of the men behind Australia’s biggest insider trading case has broken his silence, detailing his role in a heist of almost $8 million involving secret accounts, betrayal and a police chase resembling a mafia sting. Christopher Hill, who worked at the Australian Bureau of Statistics at the time, and passed confidential information to NAB trader, Lukas Kamay, speaks about…

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