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Stanford Receiver Argues Against Reduction in Fees

Ralph Janvey (pictured), the receiver in the Stanford case, stated in a recent court filing that while the SEC apparently expected to recover as much as $1 billion in the Stanford case, only about $350 million of assets have been located.  As a result, Janvey says, the SEC is now trying to reduce fees for the receiver and firms that…

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Dreier Receiver to Seek $1.4 Million in Fees

The bill for the court-appointed receiver and his attorneys in the SEC’s case against Marc S. Dreier is in.   Mark Pomerantz said he expects to seek $150,000, while his counsel at Paul Weiss will ask for approximately $1.25 million for their four months of work.  The NY Law Journal reports that Paul Weiss is accepting a substantial discount from their…

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