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Scandal Enforcement at the SEC: Salience and the Arc of the Option Backdating Investigations

We study the impact of scandal-driven media scrutiny on the SEC’s allocation of enforcement resources. We focus on the SEC’s investigations of option backdating in the wake of numerous media articles on the practice of backdating. We find that as the level of media scrutiny of option backdating increased, the SEC shifted its mix of investigations significantly toward backdating investigations…

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Subprime-Related Litigation Study: Securities Cases Most Common in Q2 2008

Navigant Consulting released a study today showing that 607 subprime-related cases were filed in federal courts over the 18 months though June 2008.  Of the 607 subprime-related cases, 310 were filed in the first six months of 2008 alone. The study showed that securities cases were the most common type of subprime-related cases in the second quarter of 2008, accounting…

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Study: Securities Class Action Lawsuits Do Not Affect CEO Compensation

A report released today by the Corporate Library indicates that the compensation of public company CEOs does not typically drop following a securities class action lawsuit.  As reported by Financial Week, the study looked at CEO compensation from 2003 to 2006 among 54 public companies, and found that 40 CEOs saw their salaries, bonuses and benefits increase over the period…

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