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US media veterans back new trading firm with financial news arm

A group of veteran US financial journalists is teaming up with investors to launch a trading firm that is designed to trade on market-moving news unearthed by its own investigative reporting. The business, founded by investor Nathaniel Brooks Horwitz and writer Sam Koppelman, would comprise two entities: a trading fund and a group of analysts and journalists producing stories based…

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U.S. Agencies Seek Tougher Rules, Internal Probes on Stock Trading by Federal Officials – WSJ

Separately, the SEC last week proposed new ethics restrictions, including banning employees from investing in financial industry sector funds. The SEC already bars employees from owning or trading stocks that are under investigation by the agency, regardless of whether the employee is working on the matter. The SEC’s ethics rules are stricter than those at many other agencies. But the…

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Stock Trades of SEC Employees — HLS Forum on Corp. Gov.

These results are indicative of SEC employees being either: (i) skilled investors, (ii) lucky investors, or (iii) privately informed. We cannot confirm that our results are driven by trades on non-public information. While we do observe some unusual trading patterns around certain SEC activity (e.g., trading prior to enforcement actions and after whistleblower tips), several other innocent and viable explanations…

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