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SVB Collapse Threatens VC Industry With a $500 Billion Markdown

The $2 trillion venture capital industry could see portfolio markdowns of 25% to 30% — a “haircut” of possibly $500 billion — following the Silicon Valley Bank debacle, according to Bloomberg Intelligence. “After the failure of SVB, we expect greater valuation scrutiny and disclosure, especially as a large chunk of ‘fiduciary’ capital from pension funds has flowed into these markets…

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A Proposed SEC Rule is Roiling the VC World – Bloomberg

A potential new rule from the US Securities and Exchange Commission is unsettling the venture capital class. The change would make it easier to sue investors for negligence, and could make VCs more culpable for failures at the startups they back. The rule, designed to address “lack of transparency, conflicts of interest” and other problems in the private markets, could be particularly impactful in a…

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Andreessen Horowitz Went All In on Crypto at the Worst Possible Time – WSJ

As cryptocurrency prices soared last year, no investor bet more on the sector than Andreessen Horowitz. The storied venture-capital firm had developed a reputation as Silicon Valley’s greatest crypto bull, thanks largely to a 50-year-old partner named Chris Dixon who was one of the earliest evangelists for how the blockchain technology powering cryptocurrencies could change business. His unit was one…

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